Welcome to Revision of Family Dilleniaceae in Thailand

Welcom to Dillenia in Thailand

           Dilleniaceae are a family of angiosperm in the Kingdom Plantae comprised of 11 genera and ca. 450 species (Horn, 2005). They have characteristics of trees, woody climber, shrubs, and rhizomatous herbs. Leaves are simple, spirally arranged, length 1 mm to 1 m, and there are other important characteristics: apocarpous gynoecium, numerous stamen, centrifugal androecium, superior gynoecium, seeds surrounded by an aril and small embryo with abundant endosperm, and primitive structure found in the tropical zone. Dilleniaceae comprises 11 genera: genera Dillenia from Madagascar and the Seychelles to Fiji; Acrotrema contains seven species endemic to Sri Lanka, one species in the Western Ghatts of India, and another ranging from southern Thailand and Myanmar to northern Sumatra; and Tetracera distribution is in the pantropical zone and is the only genus of the family present on continental Africa. Curatella, Davilla, Pinzona, Doliocarpus, and Neodillenia are endemic to the neotropics, with a center of diversity in Brazil; Hibbertia are mostly endemic in Australia; Schumacheria is endemic to Sri Lanka; and Didesmandra is known from only a few populations in Sarawak, Borneo (Hoogland, 1952; Sastri, 1958; Eames, 1961; Horn, 2005).

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